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Tuesday Classics Luncheon
Jovan Cvjetičanin, University of Virginia
Tuesday, October 22, lunch at 12:30, talk at 1:00, and adjournment at 1:45
Newcomb Hall 389

Constantine Lecture
Joshua Katz, Princeton University
Thursday, October 29, 5:00pm 
Cocke Hall, Gibson Room

Medieval Studies Lecture Series
Aden Kumler, University of Chicago
Pretium redemptionis: The Price of Salvation ca. 845"
Friday, November 8, 4:00pm
Campbell 160

In the Middle Ages, as today, the concept of "price" played a central role in practices of commensuration and exchange. Grounded in worldly economics, notions of price, commerce, and profit also shaped medieval soteriological thought and practice. Focusing on a series of works associated directly or obliquely with the Carolingian ruler, Charles the Bald, this paper examines the trope of the “price of salvation” in the mid-ninth century. The talk will focus primarily upon how a selection of works of art and discourses framed access to salvation in economic terms, with particular emphasis on how the form of the coin was taken up as a means of grappling with and expressing the incommensurable value of spiritual ransom or redemption.

Virginia Undergraduate Research Symposium in Classics 
Friday, November 15 


Stocker Lecture
Amy Richlin, UCLA
Wednesday, January 15, 5:00pm 
Cocke Hall, Gibson Room

Friends of Classics Talk
Cornelia Lauf, John Cabot University
Monday, January 27 
Details TBA

Archaeological Institute of America Hanfmann Lecture
A. Asa Eger, University of North Carolina Greensboro
Thursday, April 9 
Details TBA

Lowe Undergraduate Lecture
Amy Cohen, Randolph College
Monday, April 13 
Details TBA

Carole Newlands, University of Colorado
Wednesday, April 15 
Details TBA