Related Departments, Programs, and Groups at the University of Virginia 

ARCHAEOLOGY - Interdisciplinary Archaeology Program
Archaeology Brown Bag Workshop

ARCHITECTURE - School of Architecture

ART HISTORY - McIntire Department of Art

CLASSICS - Department of Classics

                              Literatures, and Cultures

ENGLISH - Department of English

FRENCH - Department of French

GERMAN - Department of Germanic Languages & Literatures

Corcoran Department of History

MEDIEVAL STUDIES - Program in Medieval Studies


RELIGIOUS STUDIES - Department of Religious Studies

Collections of Ancient Literary & Historical Texts

Brepolis (includes Library of Latin Texts – Series A)

Dickinson College Commentaries (Latin & Greek Texts with explanatory notes, vocab, etc.)

Diogenes - An Environment for Reading and Searching Texts in Latin and Ancient Greek

Diorisis Search (Desktop application for searching the Diorisis Ancient Greek Corpus)

Dreams of Antiquity (published literature about dreams and visions in Greco-Roman antiquity and their reception)

ERIS Database of ancient texts to study violence in the ancient world

Hodoi Elektronikai (Greek & Latin Texts, with morphology, frequency of words, French translations – Louvain)

Kommmentierung der Fragmente der griechischen Komödie (KomFrag) - new critical editions of Greek comedy fragments with translation and commentary

Loebolus – ‘Downloebables’ (PDFs of Loeb editions in the public domain)Perseus Digital Library
Mapping Ancient Polytheisms Database - divine names, epithets and other onomastic attributes in Greek and West Semitic epigraphic sources, from 1000 BCE to 400 CE.

Musisque Deosque – A Digital Archive of Latin Poetry from its Origins to the Italian Renaissance (Italian & English)

Oxford Scholarly Editions Online (includes OCTs and the OLD – requires login)

Project On Ancient Cultural Engagement (Josephus & Polybius, texts, commentaries etc)

Proxeny Networks of the Ancient World (database containing 3,548 attestations of proxeny in the ancient world from 2,506 documents)

Sidonius Apollinaris website (news on publications, conferences, and scholars, plus materials for the study of Sidonius)

Thesaurus Linguae Latinae (TLL) new interface

vHMML (virtual Hill Museum and Manuscript Library) - offers resources for self-guided learning in the manuscript traditions.

Legal Texts

Amanuensis Law Database

Palingenesia of Latin Private Rescripts

Projet Volterra – Law Database

The Roman Law Library

Roman Law Library

Epigraphic Resources

Ancient Inscriptions of the Northern Black Sea

ASGLE - the American Society of Greek and Latin Epigraphy (Société americaine d'épigraphie grecque et latine)

Ashmolean Latin Inscriptions Project

Attic Inscriptions Online

Attic Vase Inscriptions / Attische Vaseninschriften

AXON - Database of Greek Historical Inscriptions

CGRN - Collection of Greek Ritual Norms

CIL via Arachne (Scanned – Limited Search Capability)

Claros Concordance of Greek Inscriptions

Clauss-Slaby Epigraphic Database

Corpus Inscriptiones Latinarum II (CIL II)

The Digital Epigraphy & Archaeology Project

Inscriptiones Graecae (IG)

Inscriptiones Graecae (IG) – Concordance

Inscriptions of Greek Cyrenaica (IGCyr) - new critical editions of inscriptions from Cyrenaica are part of the international project Inscriptions of Libya (InsLib). 

IOSPE - Online third edition of the corpus of ancient inscriptions from the Northern Coast of the Black Sea, titled Inscriptiones antiquae Orae Septentrionalis Ponti Euxini graecae et latinae (IOSPE³)

Numismatics – Numismatic Auction Database

American Numismatic Society – Online Resources

British Museum Catalogue of Greek Coins

Classical Numismatic Group (Auction House with Research Section on Previous Sales)

Coin Archives – A Record of Auctions of Ancient Coins

Coin Hords – Tables of Contents of Numismatic Journals

Corpus Nummorum Thracorum (Thracian Coins)

Digital Library Numis (DLN) – Open Access Numismatic Materials

Fontes Inediti Numismaticae Antiquae (FINA)project dedicated to collecting, reading, studying and publishing unprinted textual evidence related to ancient coins created before 1800. 

Greek Coin Hoards Online - contains inventory listings of 2387 hoards, covering the whole of the ancient Greek numismatic world.

Hellenistic Royal Coinages

Iron Age Coins in Britain (IACB)

MANTIS – A Numismatic Database (American Numismatic Society)

Münzkabinett of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin – Online Catalogue

Münzkabinett of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien Project

Numismatic Database Eichstätt

Online Coins of the Roman Empire (American Numismatic Society)

PELLA Project – Coinage of the Kings of Macedonia (American Numismatic Society)

Ptolemaic Coins Online (PCO)

Roman Provincial Coinage Online

Seleucid Coins Online

Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum

Wildwinds (Numismatic Website)

Papyrology (& Related Topics)

Centre de Documentation de Papyrologie Littéraire (CEDOPAL – Liège)

Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents (Oxford)

D-Scribes List (Digital Paleography, Ancient Manuscripts Email list)

Ghent Papyrus Collection

The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library

Leuven Database of Ancient Books

Orion Study Centre for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Oxyrhynchus Papyri (Oxford)

PAThs Documentation Repository - An Archaeological Atlas of Coptic Literature – Papyrological Navigator & Papyrological Editor (Duke)

Thesaurus Herculanensium Voluminum

Trismegistos – Papyrological & Epigraphic Resources from Egypt (Leuven)

Vindolanda Tablets Online

Vindolanda Tablets Online II (Includes Vol. III)

Maps & Places etc

ADOPIA (Digital Onomastic Atlas of the Iberian Peninsula in Antiquity)

Ancient World Mapping Centre (UNC)

Antiquity À-la-carte (Map Resource/Editor – UNC)

Aquae Urbis Romae: the Waters of the City of Rome

Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire (Lund)

Digital Augustan Rome

Digital Roman Forum

Forma Urbis Romae Fragment Database (Severan Marble Plan)

Laboratorio Antiche province Danubiane (LAD) - Reference point for the Balkan-Danubian world in Antiquity

ORBIS – The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Ancient World

Pelagios Map Tools & Search Engines

Pelagios ‘Heatmap’ of Ancient Places

Pleiades (A Community-Built Gazetteer and Graph of Ancient Places)

Images of Ancient Objects, Art & Architecture

Ancient World Image Bank – Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (NYU)

Arachne (Object Database of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) & Archaeological Institute at Cologne)

Ara Pacis Augustae (Images etc)

Beazley Archive Pottery Database (BAPD)

British Museum Collection Database

British School at Rome Digital Collections

CLAROS (Database of Material Culture)

Classical Art Research Centre & Beazley Archive

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum (Beazley Archive)

Getty Research Institute – Photo Archive

Iconic Archive – Photographic Archive of the Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologicae Classicae (LIMC – Basel)

Last Statues of Antiquity (LSA) Database (Statuary and Inscribed Statue Bases post AD 284)

Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologicae Classicae (LIMC – MAE, Paris)

LIMC Search Engine (Basel)

LIMC Online (several LIMC versions)

Los Bañales Museo Virtual

IMAGO – The Roman Society Centenary Image Bank

Manar Al-Athar - University of Oxford based website, aims to provide high resolution, searchable images for teaching, research, and publication.

Metis (QTVR images of some Greek sites)

Perseus Art & Archaeology Artifact Browser


Archaeological Excavations

Archaeology in Greece Online/Chronique des fouilles en ligne (Topographical Database of Excavations – BSA/EFA)

Fasti Online (Database of Archaeological Excavations Since the Year 2000)

Bibliographical Databases, Journal & Ancient Author Abbreviations etc

Abbreviations of Names of Greek Authors

American Journal of Archaeology Abbreviations

Bibliography of Greek Linguistics

Gnomon Online (Bibliographical Database etc)

L’Année Philologique (Bibliographical Database)

List of Journal Abbreviations used in L’Année Philologique

Nestor (Bibliographical Database on the Aegean and Related Areas)

Oxford Classical Dictionary (OCD) 4th ed. – Abbreviations of Authors and Works

Persée Search Engine (Bibliographical Database – for French Journals)

Projekt Dyabola – Literature & Object Archaeological Databases (requires login)

TOCS-IN (Bibliographical Database searching Tables of Contents – Toronto)

Reference Works

Aufstieg und Niedergang der römischen Welt (ANRW) – Searchable Index

Brill’s New Pauly Online (requires login)

Paulys Realencyclopädie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft (RE) (German)

Theoi Greek Mythology (Mythology Reference Guide)

Wiley-Blackwell’s Encyclopedia of the Ancient History (requires login)

Technical Aids

Greek Keyboard Cheat Sheet – Mac OS and Windows

Lexilogos Multilingual Keyboard – Ancient Greek

Ancient Language Teaching and Learning Resources

Glottothèque: Ancient Indo-European Grammars online

Lexicity (Grammars, Dictionaries, Texts etc for Ancient Languages, including Greek & Latin)

Textkit (Greek & Latin Grammars, Prose Composition Textbooks, Dictionaries etc)

Titivillus (spellchecking for Latin & Ancient Greek on Microsoft Word - Windows only)

Other Useful Sites

American School of Classical Studies at Athens Video Archive

The Ancient World Online (Links to c. 1500 Open-Access Classical Journals)

The Digital Classicist Wiki (KCL/Kentucky)

DC3 - (Duke Collaboratory for Classics Computing)

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

Fasti Congressum (Calls for Papers etc)

Humanities Commons (including Ancient Greece and Rome)

THEATRA (Critical bibliography of studies on the architecture of the ancient theater)