Events This Week:

Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity Colloquium
Shelly Matthews, Brite Divinity School
"For we receive what is worthy of the things we have done” (Luke 23:41): Precarity according to the Gospel of Just Crucifixion" [seminar talk]
Monday, September 18, 11:00am
Gibson 441

Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity Colloquium
Shelly Matthews, Brite Divinity School
"Fleshly Resurrection, Wifely Submission, and the Myth of the Primal Androgyne: The Link between Luke 24:39 and Ephesians 5:30" [lecture]
Monday, September 18, 6:15pm
Nau 211

UVA Religious Pluralism Lab
Mary Bachvarova, Willamette University
"How to Use Near Eastern Sources to Shed Light on Greek Religion" [seminar talk]
Tuesday, September 19, 5:00-6:00pm
Gibson Room, Cocke Hall
reception to follow

Tuesday Classics Luncheon
Sara Myers, University of Virginia
Tuesday, September 19, lunch at 12:30, talk at 1:00, and adjournment at 1:45
Room E1 of the Garden Room

Archaeology Brownbag Workshop
Natasha Dakouri-Hild, University of Virginia
‘The Most Discouraged Mycenaeans: Performing Emotion and Death Through Gesture in Late Bronze Age Tanagra, Greece’
Friday, September 22nd, 4:00-5:15pm 
Brooks Hall Conference Room

Time and Eternity -Time in Archaic Greek Literature Conference
September 22-24

Pre-moderns. Started in 2014, the Premodern Group at UVA is a gathering of faculty and students who come together to explore salient issues of antiquity and the Middle Ages (variously construed) within a global context. We seek to advance understanding of the world before the advent of the modern era through cross-cultural conversation about society, modes of expression, philosophical systems, and belief. The Premodern Group aims to serve as a crossroads at which members of existing intellectual communities at the University can learn from one another in a fresh, innovative format. Current members come from various departments and fields, reaching from India and the Near East to Northern Europe and Greece and Rome, and Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire. All members of the University are invited to participate.

Having begun as a discussion group, we maintain a website to coordinate pre-modern course offerings, advertise lectures and other events of common interest to the group, and to host a blog for the sharing of resources and other discussion. Future collaborations envisioned include visiting speakers, a conference, seminars, and joint course development.

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